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SEND IT! Weighted Shift Knobs

$80.00 / Sold Out

Are you getting tired of all those basic and boring shift knobs that are flooding the market these days? We are too! So that's why we took matters into our own hands and had these perfectly weighted acrylic knobs made. And here is the best part.......THEY'RE 100% MADE BY US IN THE GOOD OLE US OF A (Southaven Mississippi to be exact)!!! So that means no cheap outsourced parts and no poor workmanship!!

Once we perfected the design we had envisioned, we laser etched SEND IT! on the side and the SE logo on the top. So if you're looking to take your interior game to the next level, grab one of these unique shift knobs and start slamming gears and breaking necks :)

Each shift knob weighs approximately 440 grams with the metal rod inside is nearly 300 grams alone. It’s 1.5” diameter with roughly 5.5 ~ 6.0” tall depending on the knob. The specs on the acrylic are as follows:


-Material: Cast Resin

-Finish: Polished

-Hardness: 78-80D

-Tensile Strength: 4,200psi

-Flex Strength: 7,020psi

-Izod Impact: 0.77ft-lb/in

-Temperature Resistance: 140*f

Thread Pitch
-Hardware Base: 12x1.25mm
-Included adapter for: 10x1.25mm
-Included adapter for: 10x1.50mm