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Grip Royal hub adapter (VW - MK3+ Black or Silver)


Grip Royal solid hub adapters are full-size depth adapters designed to be used without a quick release attachment (though capable of being used with a quick release). These have our 70mm 6-bolt orientation so there are no requirements for turning the hub or using a rotator spacer as long as you’re attaching a Grip Royal wheel to the hub. The inner diameter of the hub allows for attaching a Grip Royal horn button without the requirement of a retainer ring of any sort.

-Solid stainless steel construction

-70mm 6-bolt 'Grip Royal' bolt orientation

-Available in Black or Silver finish

-50mm Depth

This model is compatible with all large-diameter/small-spline VW steering columns. We have confirmed use of this hub with MK3+ VW specifically. Newer generation cars will throw codes (dash-lights) that will have to be corrected upon installation of this hub. We have also confirmed on some later MK2 cars using this newer MK3 column this hub is compatible.