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Dad Hat - Black

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Let's see how many of you can relate:

1. Have you ever been invited to Granny's family barbecue? You really wanted to go (I mean let's be honest, who could turn down free hamburgers and peach cobbler? Even if it does require you to sit on the couch, next to one-toothed Uncle Carl, for a few hours as you two look through old photo albums and reminisce the "Good Ole Days") but you looked in your closet and just didn't know what to wear to "fit-in"?

2. Have you ever felt pressured into going to see you little cousin Timmy play tee-ball? Yet you somehow always found an excuse to not go simply because your wardrobe makes you seem like an outsider? Not that he will ever make contact with the ball but hey a few minutes of sunshine never hurt anyone.

3. Have you ever been scrambling to find a last second birthday gift for your crush's dad? You want to prove to her family that you're a top notch family-orientated guy. Not that he will ever like you nor your "rice-burner" blocking his Super-Duty in the driveway, but it's the thought that count's right.

Well if you have been stuck in any of these situations then Slammedenuff has you covered! (Pun definitely intended)

We bring you the highly-anticipated SE dad hat! Go ahead and grab you one today so that you can be prepared for whatever life throws your way! Oh and did we mention that it's available in 3 super dope colors to compliment anyone's style *insert emoji wearing sunglasses here*